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Southern Ohio Wellness Center

Dr. Richard O. Dustman, Jr.
Chiropractic Physician/Clinical Nutritionist


Patient Satisfaction Guarantee

Dr. Dustman's extensive and diversified clinical experience over the past seventeen years has allowed him to develop a unique and highly effective practice philosophy that sets him apart from the rest. He feels that this allows his patients to receive the quality of care they deserve. He stands behind his philosophy by offering a Patient Satisfaction Guarantee.  


Personalized Treatment Plans

The only way to guarantee a patient the best possible results is by providing that patient with a personalized treatment plan. No two people are the same, no two conditions/injuries are the same, therefore no two treatment plans should be the same if the best results are to be expected.

The core of the practice philosophy is traditional chiropractic care; Safe, effective, scientifically supported, hands on chiropractic adjustments. This core chiropractic approach is accompanied by the involvement of additional services such as:

  • Licensed Massage Therapy
  • BioEnergetics (NSRT and LLLT)
  • Physical Therapy and Physical Medicine
  • Clinical Nutrition and Homeopathy
  • Patient Education
  • Diagnostic Testing (MRI, X-Rays, CT Scan, etc.)
  • Specialist Involvement


I believe that the best results often come from the teamwork of multiple healthcare professionals providing a combination of various services all focused on one goal and from taking a multifacted approach to treating the patient and not simply the condition.