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Southern Ohio Wellness Center

Dr. Richard O. Dustman, Jr.
Chiropractic Physician/Clinical Nutritionist

Southern Ohio Wellness Center


What is a wellness center? What do we do? What services do we offer?

-a wellness center such as ours offers a unique variety of services all focused on improving a patients overall health. At our facility we offer chiropractic, clinical nutrition, massage therapy, physical therapy and energy medicine. Our wellness center takes an individualized approach toward every patient and each condition, using a combination of our services specifically designed for each case in order to get results every time.

What do we treat? We treat the patient not simply a condition. Taking this approach allows us to effectively work with just about any condition and attain results almost every time for every case, regardless of what the patient suffers from. We generally see auto accident injury victims, neck and back pain, headaches, arthritis conditions, nerve conditions, sports injuries, nutritional concerns (such as diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure and obesity) and a variety of other conditions treatable through energy medicine.

What is energy medicine?

-energy medicine is a combination of western technology and eastern medicine based on scientific principle and physics, applied through advanced laser technology. Simply put, it is the best of both worlds; east and west. This technology is scientifically supported and researched and it is FDA approved.

What does energy medicine treat?

-energy medicine treats the patient not just a condition. By focusing on the person and not simply a condition, it allows us to improve a patients overall health. Conditions we generally encounter in our patients include; allergies and sensitivities, pain syndromes, weight problems, hormonal issues, addictions and dependencies, sinus problems, skin conditions (such as psoriasis, eczema, and poison ivy), and many others. Chances are, regardless of your illness or condition, energy medicine can offer some benefit.

Do you offer a quit smoking program?

-yes we do and it is guaranteed to work. The program is a combination of energy medicine (three laser treatments) and homeopathic/nutritional supplementation which, together, completely rids the body of withdrawal symptoms, cravings, toxicities, and chemical dependency so that the patient can effectively quit smoking. This program is unique and is not only FDA approved, it is guaranteed. The three laser treatments are done in only one week.

Do laser treatments/injections hurt?

-no, laser treatments are needle-free and pain-free.

Are laser treatments safe?

-yes, laser treatments are safe and have no long-term side effects. They are even safe for children.  There are a few rare situations when a laser cannot be used, and the doctor will go over those with you before treating, to make sure you qualify for laser treatment.

You do chiropractic. I heard chiropractic is not safe.

-yes, we offer chiropractic manipulation. You heard wrong. According to government studies, Chiropractic is one of safest and most effective health care options there is. Malpractice is based entirely upon risk and chiropractic malpractice is the lowest of all physicians’ malpractice insurance. The few documented injuries related to manipulation of the neck were not done by a qualified and licensed chiropractic physician. Therefore, in those cases, while it was perhaps manipulation of the neck, it was not chiropractic manipulation and that is why it resulted in injury. Only a licensed chiropractic physician has the qualifications and training to properly and safely adjust your neck, not Medical doctors, not physical therapists, or anyone else. Anyone who insists chiropractic is unsafe is either uneducated or misinformed.

What is clinical nutrition?

-in our facility, the doctor applies scientifically based clinical nutrition through various vitamin/mineral supplements, homeopathics, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. This is not your typical GNC retail or health food store, the doctor is a clinical nutritionist with years of experience and is a member of the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists. The products are not only cost effective they are also of a quality not available without a physician.

You do physical therapy. What makes your physical therapy any different from down the street?

-First and foremost, all our physical therapy is physician supervised. That means the doctor is on site and always available. There is typically no doctor available at your run of the mill physical therapy center. Physical therapists are not doctors and can only do what a doctor prescribes. While no facility can adequately handle every case, we can, with a doctor on site, determine what is best for you, even if it means sending you to another facility to better treat your condition.